Operations and Maintenance

We have the expertise and experience of operation and maintenance (O & M) of OFC Based long distance networks.

The Services offered are

  • Patrolling of OF cable routes..

  • Maintenance of utility system.

  • Corrective maintenance of faults in the various subsystem.

  • Spare Management.

Outside Plant Management System

  • Outside Plant (OSP) network also at times referred to as the last mile solution is an important component of a telecom network. It connects the subscribers' premises with the node/exchange. Mehta Infocom Private Limited has developed an outstanding expertise in planning, engineering and execution of OSP projects. The types of services rendered are:.

  • Design, Planning & Engineering of OSP Network. Primary, Secondary & Distribution Network.

  • ROW Permission.

  • Procurement of Pipes, OF Cables, Cabinets, DPs etc.

  • Trenching and Tenchless (HDD, Mouling) way of laying of pipes, installation of manholes.

  • Cable pulling, jointing, termination and testing.

  • An important feature of outside plant is to have information available about every subscriber cable pair at a centralized place. This enables to check the feasibility of providing new lines especially on the congested routes and to attend to a line fault in case of a line fault on a cable pair.